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Faith in a Hurting World

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Historically, the human race has demonstrated an extraordinary talent for distorting the image --and reputation -- of God. God deserves better from us.

In "Sonnet 43" from her Sonnets From the Portuguese, Elizabeth Barrett Browning cooed to Robert: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." The God-seeker looks toward heaven and declares: "How do I understand Thee, O LORD? Let me count the ways." The number is infinite.

One theist says God is this. Another says God is that. And the atheist says God is not. Solomon the Wise said, "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity" except to love God. That is the highest truth and highest wisdom.

The kabbalist (medieval Jewish mystic) thinks of God as Ein Sof, Hebrew for "That Which Is Without Limit." And God indeed is limitless -- or as it is said in the mystical language of other religions, God is a Mystery.

Faith in a Hurting World ambles along the theological thoroughfares of the Western world, turning up bits of what people have had to say about God down through the centuries. And it tries in its way to scratch the surface of the Limitless God.

---- from Faith in a Hurting World, 2009, page x.

Faith in a Hurting World starts out with a quote from Robert Browning: "God's in his heaven and all's right with the world." In the next 60,000 words, Dr. Roy Hanu Hart goes about showing that there is a God in heaven, but little has been right with the world down through the ages.

Dr. Hart is a psychiatrist by profession, but you get the feeling he majored in English at college. Actually, he minored in English and philosophy, and it shows in the pages of Faith in a Hurting World. Along his journey through life (he is now 84), before and after his formal education, he acquired a background in theology which runs deep.

Although dedicated to improving Jewish-Christian relations, the mission of his company, InfoFaith Communications, Inc., Hart does not mince words when it comes to the history of Jewish persecution at the hands of Christians down through the centuries since the founding of Christianity (by a handful of 1st-century Jews!). For instance, the 4th-century St. John Chrysostom may be a sterling figure to Christians, but Jews remember him as the individual who institutionalized antisemitism. Strong stuff for Christians to swallow. (But just read his sermons on the subject, which are available on the Internet.) Hart's approach to history is obviously from the Jewish perspective.

If God is on your mind, Faith in a Hurting World will help you find the way into that realm beyond the natural, which is where God dwells.

---- Ze'ev ben Jacob