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Journey's End

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Is there a God, or is there not a God? That is the most important question you will ask during your lifetime. Do not look to science for your answer. Science tells us how the universe runs, not who or what made it nor why.

Do theologians, titular guardians of the Great Mystery, have the answer? The 16th-century Anglican churchman Richard Hooker defined theology as the science of the divine. Today we would substitute “study” or even “pursuit” for “science” in Hooker’s definition. The study into God’s essence goes on, but no one knows what God is, except to resort to descriptive terms, e.g., immaterial, spiritual, transcendent, immanent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and in Christianity, love. In the final analysis, those who accept the reality of God do so on faith.

We are either living in salvation history or we are not. Salvation history posits that this is God’s universe and God is in charge. There are those who hold to this view, and then there are those who do not. The choice is ours as to which of these approaches to life we decide to follow. Physician/scientist Roy Hanu Hart, in his autobiography, Journey’s End: The Name, tells the story of how he chose the path that leads to God.

Hart knew from his early years, when his grandfather bequeathed the 2000-year-old name of his ancestors to him, that he had a rendezvous with God…and he kept it. His is an unusual story which he now shares with his readers. If you are looking for “proof” of God’s existence, what you will encounter in Journey’s End will bring you about as close to such proof as you will ever find…or need. And after 86 years on Earth, Hart can say unabashedly, “Life goes better with God.”